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The DPO Centre’s Outsourced Data Privacy Officer service delivers flexible, tailored, managed support, advice and expertise to your organization.

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Data Privacy Officer as a Service

The role of Data Privacy Officer does not need to be full time, but it does require specialist expertise. Having access to an experienced and knowledgeable outsourced Data Privacy Officer is a cost-effective solution for improving information security and compliance with privacy laws. Failing to protect personal information can not only lead to significant financial liability, it risks reputational damage to your organization. By following tested and established best practices, an outsourced Data Privacy Officer helps protect the data your organization relies on and maintain trust and, where necessary, cooperate with regulators on your behalf.  


Why you should use a Data Privacy Officer from The DPO Centre

Our outsourced Data Privacy Officer service gives you a highly experienced Data Privacy Officer, who works as an integral member of your team. 

You benefit from a knowledgeable, hands-on privacy professional who manages privacy for your organization in an extremely cost effective way, and is backed by the support, shared best practice and model documentation developed from the DPO Centre’s experience working with over 900 organizations around the world. 

Data Protection Officer

“It’s been great to work with The DPO Centre, they’ve helped us understand where we are doing data protection well, and where we still have room to grow. Our consultant DPO’s experience on complex government data sharing has helped us to make progress through some really challenging projects to deliver great public benefit. As thought-leaders in the AI sphere, we are champions for the ethical use of novel technology. The DPO Centre’s advice and insight has helped upskill our key staff and strengthen our DPIA process. We look forward to our ongoing work with them.”

Rupert Edwards – Faculty

“I became acquainted with The DPO Centre through one of their Data Protection Officers (DPO) who acts as outside DPO for one of our US-based clients. We were negotiating a DPA for a unique trial his client is conducting in the EU which utilizes my company’s mobile research services. The DPO I had the pleasure of working with on that project is one of the best DPO/counsels I have worked with when it came to thoughtfully negotiating through a clinical trials-DPA, given his great knowledge of the GDPR and the crossover with clinical trials regulations in both EU & UK. He’s also just a solid, nice person, and I have greatly enjoyed and am very grateful to have him across the table to get the trials up and running.”

Jenifer McIntosh – Professional Case Management

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Unlike other outsourced providers, our Data Privacy Officers work with you, as an integral member of your team.  They become immersed in your culture and take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to your requirements.

Account Management

Your Data Privacy Officer’s activities are monitored and managed by The DPO Centre’s experienced project delivery team, so do not consume the time or distract the attention of your management team.

Client Services

The quality of the service we deliver is also monitored by our Head of DPOs and Managing Director, who provides the oversight necessary to ensure we always deliver an appropriate, structured, co-ordinated and quality-driven service. 

Representing one of the key values of outsourcing, this removes the overhead, risks and distractions that would otherwise burden your internal resources, leaving them free to focus their efforts on driving your organization forward.

Statement of Works

Our Data Privacy Officers follow a tried-and-tested range of duties from a Statement of Works that has been developed through working with our wide range of clients.  Each element of the Statement of Works links back to key privacy obligations, meaning we are able to clearly demonstrate and regularly report on where compliance levels improve and how risk is evolving and reducing over time.

Model Documentation

Engaging with The DPO Centre means you benefit from access to our constantly evolving and improving central pool of processes and proven model documentation.  This means your assigned Data Privacy Officer makes use of tried and tested documentation and spends only the time necessary to tailor them to your requirements, rather than having to research and create them from scratch.

Primary and Secondary Data Privacy Officers

When delivering an outsourced privacy service, The DPO Centre assigns both a primary and secondary Data Privacy Officer.  Both will be involved in your initial onboarding process, meaning two Data Privacy Officers remain familiar with your organization, stakeholders and data landscape. 

Your primary Data Privacy Officer takes responsibility at the resource level agreed, but at no additional cost, the secondary Data Privacy Officer remains available to step in to cover any period of absence or to replace your primary Data Privacy Officer should it ever be required, ensuring seamless service and removing the distraction, cost and inconvenience of ever needing to onboard a replacement Data Privacy Officer.

Expert Advice Line

The third tier of our ‘continuous support framework’ is our advice line.  The advice line provides you with access to our wider team on the remaining days of the month where your nominated Data Privacy Officer is not specifically assigned to you or is unavailable, providing you with a cost-effective, full, month-round service.

The advice line acts like a ‘concierge’ service that ensures you are provided with answers to your questions directly, or where specific knowledge of your organization is required, they are escalated to your Data Privacy Officer for a more detailed or personal response.  Most importantly, the problem is now ours to solve, not yours.

Large Team

Your Data Privacy Officer will be drawn from a team of permanently employed Data Privacy Officers, in fact, one of the largest teams available, so they benefit from being able to consult with and draw knowledge from their colleagues such that any interpretations of law and decisions made are derived from a far wider and diverse knowledge base.

Being part of a wider team also means that additional resources and specific expertise can be brought in as and when required.

Knowledge & Expertise

The DPO Centre has provided privacy services to over 900 clients from a wide variety of sectors and countries.  This means our team draws upon a breadth of knowledge far deeper than would be possible for a smaller, less experienced team to acquire and maintain.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Fundamentally, we believe that when combined, the many benefits outlined above demonstrate the true value of outsourcing and ensures that the DPO Centre provides far greater value than is possible from a smaller team, a single independent contractor or an internal employee.

As an operating expense, you pay only for the time you use, and you never need to meet the cost of ongoing training, benefits, absence, holidays or sickness, and you avoid all employment liabilities.

The DPO Centre also has knowledge of numerous privacy and cyber security platforms, tools, vendors and software solutions, so provides informed guidance, reduced decision time and improved choice.

Highly cost effective
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Experience and shared best practice gained from working with over 900 clients
Designated Data Privacy Officer working with your team
Pre-existing model documentation tested and validated across varied industry sectors and laws
Pragmatic, straightforward, solution-driven advice
Canadian, US, UK and Pan-European expertise

Data Protection Services for Sectors

Compliance with data protection laws is a necessity for all sectors.  However, each sector has its own specific issues, market expectations, additional industry specific compliance requirements and varying appetites towards risk.

The DPO Centre provides you with immediate access to Subject Matter Experts and a broadly experienced team of data protection professionals, and therefore peace of mind that you are working with one of the largest, most established data protection providers available.

Whether you are within medical, care, life sciences, tech, retail, eCommerce, finance, insurance, education or a not-for-profit, the breadth of knowledge within our team ensures we deliver the specific sector experience you require, and therefore cater for your unique obligations, commitments and needs.

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