Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) Services

Your data subjects have the right to know that your organization is processing their personal data, and may request a copy of such personal data in the form of a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR). Our outsourced DSAR services can help you recognise, handle, and respond to the DSARs you receive.


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Why you should outsource your DSARs

Your organization can benefit from outsourced DSAR services if you lack the necessary in-house knowledge to confidently process and respond to DSARs, or you simply don’t have the resource available to respond. You may only get requests occasionally or get complex data access requests as well. Our experts will be able to manage even those more complicated DSARs within the response deadline. We also offer our services on a pay-as-you-go basis, so there’s no long-term or fixed financial commitments. 

Pay-as-you-go basis DSAR response services are ideal for businesses that receive up to around 20 requests per year, however, we can also provide a retained resource to act as your only resource, or to extend an existing in-house team, such that you have a dedicated resource to respond as and when required. 

DSAR Response as a Service

In principle, DSARs seem straightforward. However, you may have several questions come up as you try to process and respond to requests, such as what should you do if the requested records contain the personal data of a third party in addition to the data subject? How should you handle time-consuming requests or DSARs submitted on behalf of someone else? 

Handling DSARs can quickly become a hassle and distraction, occupying your valuable time and resources. When you outsource to The DPO Centre’s DSAR team, our experts will provide the experience, knowledge and tools to respond to requests within the stipulated time frames.


“The DPO Centre’s help in dealing with a particularly complex DSAR that we received was invaluable. The support and advice that they provided throughout the entire process was extremely helpful… Overall, working with The DPO Centre greatly reduced the significant challenge of dealing with this DSAR, and the guidance provided will no doubt prove useful in dealing with any others that we may receive in the future.”

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We offer a DSAR service that is delivered on an ad hoc ‘pay as you go’ or retainer basis, where you outsource all, some, or just occasional DSARs to us as required.  We can take care of the full ‘A-Z’ of the DSAR response process, provide just an advisory and oversight service, or perform only certain aspects, such as redaction.



  • Enable you to respond appropriately and in a timely manner
  • Remove the burden and distraction associated with DSAR responses
  • Significantly reduce the risk of compliance failure and Regulator scrutiny
  • Assist in improving data subject trust and de-escalating contentious situations


  • Provide model template responses for communicating with data subjects
  • Provide guidance around scope defining and conducting database searches
  • Conduct full de-scoping and redaction exercises
  • Complete delivery of response to data subjects
  • Handle all correspondence with the relevant supervisory authority


  • Immediate access to external Subject Matter Experts on an entirely confidential basis 
  • Peace of mind that you are working with one of the largest, most established data protection providers available
  • Removal of the distractions and costs associated with training and managing internal resources to respond
  • Implementation of established and verified response processes and standards
  • Substantial reduction in regulatory and reputational risk

By engaging with our DSAR response service, you will have the peace of mind that an expert team is there to support you.  If you would like to know more about how we can help, please contact us.

Benefits of DSARs Outsourcing

Allowing The DPO Centre team to process and respond to your DSARs can save you the hassle and distraction to your internal resources. Our DSAR service is used by organizations that receive only occasionally DSAR requests, those that are struggling to comply with the required response time frames, and those that are at a high risk of scrutiny due to previous infringements. If you expect to see an increase in the number of requests due to employee issues or you are looking for an “overflow” resource for your in-house team, our DSAR service will be of significant benefit to you.

Designated Data Privacy Officer and DSAR officer working with your team
Pre-existing model documentation tested and validated across varied industry sectors
Pragmatic, straightforward, solution-driven advice
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Experience and shared best practice gained from working with over 900 clients

Data Subject Access Requests for Sectors

Every sector that collects and processes personal data is subject to the requirement to respond to DSAR requests. However, the nature of requests vary based on your particular sector. The DPO Centre can provide a specialist in your sector, with the relevant experience and knowledge to handle the DSARs your organisation receives. 

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